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Tas Fires - Quick Update

There have been quite a few fires here in Tasmania of late, including a great loss of homes and properties in the state's south east. So far, no loss of life, which is a great blessing under the circumstances.

However, a recent (and on-going) blaze in the Molesworth Valley - starting specifically Glen Dhu Road - resulted in the evacuation of my family from their home. The valley is blackened and eerie, still smouldering and smothered in smoky eddies, but aside from the loss of a few cars and sheds, there's been no significant property damage. And again, no loss of life.

My parents and brother are fine, as are their homes. They even had the singular pleasure of being dumped on by a fire emergency helicopter (not that I'm envious!).

I probably should have updated about this earlier, but I've had other things on my mind.

We're all well, but if you're on good terms with your chosen deity, do put in a good word for the end of this awful fire season.

In the news:
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