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Magic with my coffee #MtG

My best mate - Andy - and I want to start playing Magic the Gathering, only neither of us has even seen a deck, nevermind played the game. For my part, I'm really excited about building my own, but I think we'd both be better off starting with some kind of intro deck, or a 'duel' deck(?).

So, knowing at least half my LJ friends have either heard of or played it, does anyone have any suggestions for a couple of beginners? We're talking playing a game over coffee, or making an evening of it once a week, not prepping for tourneys.

I was eyeing a nifty looking toolkit, but without much experience building a deck, I might only frustrate myself trying for a first time.

Also, there's a million questions ranging from 'land cards? wtf?' to 'do we both have to have decks from the same 'lot' (ie Dark Ascension or Innistrad) or can we play from different decks (ie DA Vs Inn)?'

Of course, there's always initial outlay. We're both broke, so if we can avoid spending $200x2 on some sort of epic battle pack(s), that'd be nice. :D

Comments from Twitter/Facebook welcomed and encouraged!

Edify me, people!
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