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Tas Fires - Quick Update

There have been quite a few fires here in Tasmania of late, including a great loss of homes and properties in the state's south east. So far, no loss of life, which is a great blessing under the circumstances.

However, a recent (and on-going) blaze in the Molesworth Valley - starting specifically Glen Dhu Road - resulted in the evacuation of my family from their home. The valley is blackened and eerie, still smouldering and smothered in smoky eddies, but aside from the loss of a few cars and sheds, there's been no significant property damage. And again, no loss of life.

My parents and brother are fine, as are their homes. They even had the singular pleasure of being dumped on by a fire emergency helicopter (not that I'm envious!).

I probably should have updated about this earlier, but I've had other things on my mind.

We're all well, but if you're on good terms with your chosen deity, do put in a good word for the end of this awful fire season.

In the news: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-08/water-bombers-target-southern-fires/4508368?section=tas
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Yesterday, I helped a man…

Protect Our Elderly

Photo by StockProject1 @ DeviantArt.

I despair of a world where an old man, frail and fragile, flinches at a helping hand.

I was doing my grocery shopping the other day, paused at the end of an aisle to wonder what I’d forgotten, when I saw an old man, likely in his eighties, struggling with his armload of shopping. He was bent down trying to pick up a large box of chocolates, but couldn’t balance what he already carried. I saw him wobble, catch himself against the shelf, take a breath, and try again.. over and over again. I’m not sure how long he’d been trying before I noticed him.

All he carried was a large bottle of milk and a few odds and ends already in a plastic bag, but his strength and balance were failing him. Worse, I saw two people push past – one of them a member of staff – further upsetting his balance and his composure.

Before my eyes I saw him seemingly fold into himself, shrink away in fright, force a smile like it was armour against the entire world.. a world it was clear he would barely hear or see anymore.

I touched him on the shoulder when he didn’t hear me offer help. He flinched, startled and afraid.

I don’t blame him – how can I when I see how the world at large disrespects and disdains the elderly, having apparently forgotten their value to a society wholly disinterested in their past and their history.

It broke my heart, though, that an old man would be afraid of me.

He was suspicious, expecting a dupe, but I left him in charge of my shopping trolley and went to fetch him a basket. He was exactly where I left him when I came back, only seconds later, his gaze fastened to my groceries as he does his duty in protecting them for me, and I made a point to thank him for guarding it as I helped him load his milk into an easy-to-carry basket.

Yes, it felt good helping him, and yes, that should be reason enough to help someone – anyone! – in need if the very fact that you can help isn’t enough (though it bloody-well should be).

He was just a gentle old man who wanted to buy some chocolates for his friend, but even something so simple and easy to me – or you – is a great struggle when your balance is unpredictable, your joints ache, your eye sight and hearing are failing. The world is terrifying for the elderly even before you consider the belligerent youth who’ll sooner bash an old man’s head in and steal his wallet than help him across the road.

It broke my heart that he had a reason to be afraid of me, but I hope his friend enjoys the chocolates.

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Sylvari Cultural Armour - #GW2

Auren made it to 35!

We've been taking it slow, on account of how much I'm enjoying adventuring through the 1-15 areas before I venture into levels higher than that.

As a result, I'm probably not as wealthy as I could be, especially now that I blew all my gold on this armour set.

I hate the regular sets on the Sylvari, they cover the pretty bio-luminescence, so I was onto the Tier 1 armour vendor minutes after reaching level 35.

We are very happy! Broke, but happy!

Isn't she pretty? :D

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Help me, LJ!

I don't know how long ago it was - could be years - so this is a long shot.

Someone, yes, one of you was posting about really pretty, easy to use and hard to find hair clips or pins or combs, or something. I think it was coffeechica, but it might also have been dawna or prissi or arie or the_kitty_kat I'm almost certain it was someone from APT/Admin.

If it was you, do you happen to remember what they were called? My hair.. I'm sitting on it again, and need new and pretty ways to keep up and out of the way and out from under my arse.

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[g+ xpost] [study] Thesis struggles

The creative component of my thesis is 'only' a chapter long. That means a reader going through the branches will only experience about one chapter worth of text - hopefully ~11-12k of words, or the equivalent in reading time.

But what I'm writing is probably several times that, because I need to account for every possible path through the chapter, beginning from four starting areas with four different...

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Magic with my coffee #MtG

My best mate - Andy - and I want to start playing Magic the Gathering, only neither of us has even seen a deck, nevermind played the game. For my part, I'm really excited about building my own, but I think we'd both be better off starting with some kind of intro deck, or a 'duel' deck(?).

So, knowing at least half my LJ friends have either heard of or played it, does anyone have any suggestions for a couple of beginners? We're talking playing a game over coffee, or making an evening of it once a week, not prepping for tourneys.

I was eyeing a nifty looking toolkit, but without much experience building a deck, I might only frustrate myself trying for a first time.

Also, there's a million questions ranging from 'land cards? wtf?' to 'do we both have to have decks from the same 'lot' (ie Dark Ascension or Innistrad) or can we play from different decks (ie DA Vs Inn)?'

Of course, there's always initial outlay. We're both broke, so if we can avoid spending $200x2 on some sort of epic battle pack(s), that'd be nice. :D

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